Live Your Dreams

If we could only deliver one message to you today it would be to live the life you were meant to live.

We know you are probably asking how. You might be feeling like I wish I could but I don't have the money, I don't etc... the truth is that may be real and true of your world today BUT it can all change in an instant. We both know exactly what you mean, we know how you feel. We really do and anyone who knows us knows that if there are two people on the face of this earth that could not do what we are doing now it was us.

Here are some things that we have come to realize. You have to be positive, you do have to believe in yourself and you have to really believe in your dreams and manifest them to come true.

Let's talk about how... first start a journal. every morning start writing what you dreamt about, then write what you are feeling grateful for, write what you would like your day to be about. then in the evening journal about how your day went.

We also both started to pray for others and we prayed for us to become better people. We prayed we would have eyes of compassion, love in our heart for those who were against us. We used essential oils to help keep us uplifted, reduce stress and have energy. I started meditating, yoga, Reiki and aromatherapy.

We do vision boards every single month on the 1st of every month. We also map out what needs to happen to make our goals and dream happen. We don't use our computers we use a notebook to do this. The power of physically writing your words has a connection and activation in your brain. Interesting right?   We were amazed at how things started evolving.

I continuously take courses and read books to educate me further on manifesting and being a better person.

We have helped others do the same and are always willing to help guide those who are willing to help themselves. If this interest you just message us through the contact form.

Blessings to you all. XOXO




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