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Collard Leaf Wraps

This is one of my favorites.

You will need some Fresh Collard green Leafs.

Shredded or finely sliced carrots & celery

Fresh chopped cilantro and parsley

Diced cucumber, purple onion and tomato (I remove seeds)

Some bell pepper any color and thinly slice it.

Now to assemble it.

Step #1- Lay out your collard leaf and carefully slice the thick stem. This will make rolling it easier and the leaf won't break.

Step #2- Add some Hummus if you wish to the leaf just kind of in the first half.

Step 3- now start adding veggies and carefully stack them

Step 4- Now its time to wrap. I suggest first taking a careful fold over veggies and then pulling tight back towards yourself. then fold both sides inwards then roll. Keep the last fold down and cut in half.

It took me a while to figure out how to wrap mine but eventually, I perfected it.


I do add nutritional yeast and Mrs. Dash to mine.

Sometimes instead of hummus I smash and avocado and spread that.




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