Repairing the Hull of a 24′ Cal Sailboat part 2

Repairing the Hull of a 24′ Cal Sailboat part 2

I want to start this off by explaining that we did state last video we found blisters and few people have written us out of concern I guess thinking the boat would not be sea worthy and that simply is not true. I am glad your here to learn from this blog. 1 in 4 boats surveyed has blisters. I have heard this statement many times “Blister have never sunk a boat” . Stating that I do want to say that even though that is true it is still your responsibility as a boat owner  to take care of those blisters and your hull properly so no further damage happens. I do recommend that any of you reading this blog purchase Don Casey’s book Sailboat maintenance manual.    It is worth every penny and more.

So, we started out on day 2 grinding, sanding and scraping away barnacles. We did discover we have a few blisters that needed to be opened up and dried out for several days before we ever apply the bottom paint. This video is after we wrapped up for the day.

Now, we are headed on over to our Favorite Marine supply store to purchase some epoxy and hardener. We will show you in tomorrows video what we choose and talk about why we purchased what we did. I will also take photos of each step and make into a video to simplify things for you.
Please comment below with questions you might have and would like us to cover.

Doing your own Sailboat hull repairs

Pulling her out of the water…..

When we  bought her we were told she had been setting in the water at the dock for years. When we sailed her a few times we noticed she was slow and was not responding as she should. We called around to different Marina’s to get pricing on having her pulled and pressure washed and evaluated.

Here is the adventure that particular day.  I took Salty to our marina which is located in Portsmouth, Virginia “Scott’s Creek Marina”  He needed about an hour before our arrival to get there.

I tracked him using and app called finding friends and when I seen he was getting close to “Virginia boat and yacht” I headed over there to meet him. We are both very anxious to see the bottom of Cal Girl and see if she needs any repairs.


We are actually very surprised to see it’s not half as bad as we thought it would be. They quickly got to work blasting her off.  You can view some of the videos of the hull cleaning on our channel.

We noticed when the blasting was being done a few times the tech stopped and called the supervisor over and they were assessing the hull. We are starting to get a little concerned. Finally the supervisor Danny comes over and informs us there is “blisters” on the hull that will need repaired. He discusses the proper procedure with us and we decide to take on this job ourselves.

At this point and time we look it over while it’s still fresh and wet and look for anything else that might need done while she out of the water.

As you can see in this photo to the right there is much paint to be removed and there are visible blisters and pox marks.

Ok, now we know what we are up against and since she needs to dry it’s time to head home and prepare for tomorrow.

Stayed tuned and tomorrow we will bring you an update of our work and show and explain to you also how to do your own work to your sailboat.

Oh look I caught a FISH!!!

We lined Cal Girl up to get her bottom scraped. We went over to Scott’s creek Marina to get her ready to be pulled out of the water and have her bottom side done. While we were at the boat Boss yelled looked at the water it’s bubbling with fish. I quickly threw a line in and as quick as I did a fish hit it. I was so excited and had fun with it. I knew it was small it was just the idea “I caught a fish” LOL. I joke around sometimes and say it’s been so long since I fished I couldn’t remember whether fish had fur or feathers. 😆  but seriously even the little ones are fun and I did release it right away.

Here is a fun little video of my big catch.

A nice afternoon of sailing!

saying-hi-225x300Boss Dawg and I had our first afternoon of sailing! Finally had some wind and headed out into the river. Our maiden voyage. Not a lot of wind, just 10-15 mph. Just enough for us to get a feel for the boat and it was obvious the hull was dirty. We were losing speed due to the build up on the bottom. We have made arrangements to have the boat hauled from the water on June 6th.

Boss pointed the boat into the wind so I could raise the mainsail. You always point into the wind so the sail can move up the track with ease and not in a bind. She turned a little off of the wind and we felt the boat move forward. What a great feeling! We traveled across the river just with the main and then we turned to go the opposite direction. After doing this a couple of times Boss pointed the boat into the wind again so I could raise the jib sail (the one in front). She turned a little so the sails would fill with air and we were amazed at the increase in our speed! The look on her face was priceless and I will never forget her smile. We spent an hour or so crossing back and forth on the river and noticed the sun was getting low. The wind had slowed down so we pointed into the wind and lowered our sails. We motored the short distance back to our slip at the marina and tied her up. Backing into our slip with the tide and wind can be tricky so we will talk more about how to do that in future posts. Spring-Summer-15-Look-Book-1

We are taking our time and learning as much as we can along the way. As we learn we will share. This is the beginning of our journey towards purchasing a much larger boat towards the end of this summer. The larger boat will be our liveaboard for our journeys to many islands this coming winter. Most likely, we will start in the Bahamas and on to the Caribbean! So excited to be on the road to making our dreams come true!!

Stay tuned as our next post will be about traveling to another Marina and having our boat lifted from the water so she can be maintained and the bottom cleaned, looked over, repaired if needed and painted.

Till next time…. Salty Dawg

Kalatu 1 feminine overstate

Back to our Cal Girl

We made it back yesterday to our home in Virginia and first thing we did was drive to see if Cal Girl was high and dry in her dock. Thank goodness she was. We get home and can hardly sleep for excitement to go start on the boat tomorrow.


Waking I quickly unpack the rental car from our trip to Ohio. I hurry Salty along to get him going and we realize today is Mom’s Birthday. It’s ok family first we say. We went and spent time with her and our daughter and granddaughter. It was a very fun day. We left at 3 pm and headed over to work on Cal Girl… mind you it’s still sprinkling rain and there are high tide warnings out. We get there and the dock steps to the boat are covered in water. Salty pulls the boat to us and we enter the rear. We are both so excited about fixing her up and taking her out for a week long trip soon.


We access the minor repairs that need done. Somewhere along the line she started seeping around the windows and it now needs window repairs, new wall coverings and the beautiful teak trim will be replaced where it’s missing and all the electric pretty much needs done. We decided to rig wind and solar power to her with dual battery’s.  Everything inside is very dry and this is a good thing.


We did some cleaning and measuring today as we only had a few hours. We did decide to stay and enjoy the evening. We even cast a few lines and fished awhile. No, we did not catch anything but relaxation and enjoyed one another’s company.


My Superman went down!

Superman went down:

The day we took our maiden voyage I last posted about was also the day my Dad AKA Superman went down Kryptonite caught him.

254196_2158969535426_7106018_n I received a call at 6 am the next morning that my dad had suffered bleeding on his brain and a blood clot was also now in his brain. I was told to hurry home to Ohio that the doctors were saying he was not going to make it. He had also slipped into a coma. Skip and I rushed to Ohio and there he laid superman. The strongest man I know. I couldn’t believe my eyes. There he laid in critical care unit in St. Elizabeth hospital my step mom by his side in tears and alone.  He has lines and tubes down his throat and in his head machines everywhere. I felt my heart and life crumbling. Could this be a dream I asked myself over and over. I stepped in the bathroom looked in the mirror then said this is not happening, this is not happening I opened my eyes to discover it was beyond real and more pain than I care  to bare. I went from only a few hours prior so excited about my new life sailing and could not wait to tell my dad to this.

I am very close to my dad. He has always played a very instrumental role in my life and my success in this world.  He has supported me through the hard times with words of encouragement and simple statements I knew were true like Sissy, “This too shall pass”. I knew there was no way my dad could leave me just yet. I prayed and prayed like a whole lot of people did for him. The doctors kept telling us it would be best for us to let him be comfortable and let him go. My step moms bless her she is an Angel to this family and my dad. She said He has brain waves and if anyone can come back and fight to live its him. We all kept praying and 6 days later he came out of coma.13055353_936351969796669_1293098125663422083_n

He started doing so good on doctor said I guess prayer works because he is a miracle. I can’t wait till he can talk to me again.

I have been in Ohio for 2 weeks now and although my Residual income can keep us there just fine Skip is still doing some contracting work he needs to finish and dad well, he probably needs less visitors and more tab learning to breath on his own again without a respirator more time learning his motor skills again. We are starting to get in the way. We decided to head back to Virginia for a few weeks until we know it’s ok to come back and he is through some of his rehab.


We are so close to home right now and very excited to see the “Cal Girl” again. I heard Virginia has had a few hard storms and we would like to see if she stayed high and dry.

The beginning of 2 salty Dawgs

This is it. The very beginning of 2 salty Dawgs.

We are two people who came together later in our lives. We both had our own businesses and both had a passion of fishing, water and boats. We also both loved the outdoors like camping and fishing till dawn on Skip’s 1969 Glastron that belonged to his dad. When Skip took ownership of his dad’s boat in 2006 he fully restored it. Isn’t she a beauty?


I met Skip late in 2008. He had a contracting business in Virginia and I had a residential commercial cleaning company in Ohio. We both had much in common. He pursued me to no end and proposed to me on a beautiful sunset in June of course we were on a boat. I believe it was on 1985 17’ Mako.  That’s right I remember the boat but not the exact date. I know it was June of 2009. We married June 14, 2010 that’s the day my dad was married and my grandparents.

We fished like crazy until 2014 then we both started working like crazy on out networking business.

IMG_0719We knew if we really worked hard for a few years our residual would be enough to sustain us well on a sailboat.

That brings me here today to this post and a book in progress. We purchased our first sailboat it’s a 1974 Cal 24’ T4 and she is a beauty in the making.73fa8dd5-29eb-4dec-b5b9-6056263766c3

She sails just fine. We had her out a few weeks back and we decided to restore her. After restoration we will be selling her and then getting a 30’ to sail to Florida for the winter. We both agree the Virginia winters are too cold and harsh for us.

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